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I've been haunting the shores of Harpswell since 1956 when my parents purchased property here. My brothers, sister and I grew up fishing, sailing and exploring the wonders of Casco Bay. To me "island hopping" means putting ashore on a piece of rock somewhere in the ocean and seeing what there is to see, or even spending a night camping out. But all that takes time away from what I really loveĀ - fishing! Over the years I've caught a lot of fish. One of the most memorable occasions was in 1988 when I took my Dad fishing. We were fishing the New England Bluefish Tournament and he caught the tournament winner. What a day!

When I'm not on the ocean, I like fishing Maine's lakes and rivers. Maine has a great freshwater bass fishery that is easily accessible through the numerous lakes and ponds in the state. In the 1990's a good potion of my fishing was for freshwater bass in tournaments. The landlocked salmon and trout fishing here is also world class. I like wading the Moose River that feeds Moosehead Lake with my buddy, one of Maine's greatest unsung fishermen, Bob Chouinard. I also like to travel. I've fished New Brunswick's famed Miramichi River, the wilderness areas of upper Quebec province and the teal blue waters of Mexico. My favorite winter fishing is Port Charlotte, Florida where the variety and quantity of sport fish seems endless.

I've been taking people fishing my entire life. It's one of the most pleasant ways of spending time. In 2000 I obtained a US Coast Guard license to carry passengers for hire and in 2001 became a Registered Maine Guide for tidal fishing. Big Bites was a life long dream that became a reality in 2003.

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Capt. Jack Dostie
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